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We only use Colorado hemp for all of our products. All batches are lab tested for purity and high potency

Absolutely No Brokers

Steve's Goods is a real company. We buy directly from local farms and work directly with extraction/testing labs to deliver a high quality product at a fair price for our customers!

Legal in all 50 states

We only sell 100% non THC products and full-spectrum hemp products that are completely legal in the United States.

Full Spectrum CBD

Our body has an Endocannabinoid system that has Cannabinoid receptors in our mammalian brain and throughout the central and peripheral nervous systems. These Cannabinoids are essential for our bodies ability to function properly. Where other CBD suppliers offer only CBD in their products, Steve’s Good’s products include a variety of beneficial cannabinoids.

CBD Is Changing Medicine

Prescription medication is damaging the world by killing 47,055 people in 2014 by overdose of opioids (pain medication) and causing 450,000+ hospital visits each year. CBD is being used as a natural alternative by thousands of people every day across the world – Could it help you?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CBD?: Inside hemp is a compound called ‘Cannabidiol’ or most commonly known as CBD. CBD is an extract of Hemp but it isn’t the only ‘Cannabinoid’. Cannabinoids are found in Hemp and in Marijuana plants. We are currently able to isolate 113 different ‘Cannabinoids’. The most common ones are THC and CBD. As time grows, we will learn which ‘Cannabinoid’ cocktail mixture works best for each person.

What is the Endocannabinoid System?: A group of cannabinoid receptors located in the brain and throughout the central and peripheral nervous systems. This system is being identified as assisting with overall homeostasis. An example of homeostasis is your controlling body temperature.

In research scientists have discovered that our bodies produce Endocannabinoids naturally for our cannabinoid receptors but like most things, people suffer from a deficiency in CBD can experience regulatory issues. These deficiencies may cause people to have seizures.

CBD is being used for a list of ailments and it is important to do research before diving into this life-style change.

CBD Oil:

This is concentrated CBD in a tincture form. We base ours in MCT oil or Hemp Seed Oil. It is meant to be taken orally but you can also rub it onto your skin or put it in your morning beverage. This product is great for beginners.

CBD isolate:

This is isolated CBD that has been extracted from hemp. It is pure CBD that is up to 99.9% pure. It is great for making CBD Products at home or for your business.

CBD Shatter:

This is CBD isolate that is up to 99.9% pure that is infused with Hemp-Derived Terpenes, or by mimicking the Cannabis terpene profile with plant-based terpenes. Terpenes are what give the plant it’s aroma and flavor. This product has 0 THC. We offer yummy flavors e.g. Pineapple Express, Blueberry OG, Watermelon OG, and Terpin Gorilla.

CBD Pain Cream:

This is made with a Whole Plant Hemp Extract. We don’t use CBD isolate for our creams. You get more of a medicinal benefit because of all the other cannabinoids, while with CBD isolate, you are only getting CBD. This cream will help you fight pain and help with immediate relief.

CBG Oil:

This new product contains a large amount of CBG that comes from our CBD Distillate Wax. CBG is the cannabinoid before it turns into CBD or THC. This is making CBG viewed as the stem cell molecule. Overall it offers longer lasting relief.

CBD Bath Bombs:

Drop one of our 100mg Full Spectrum bath bombs into your tub and feel the relaxation of hemp and essential oils. This product is great for relieving soreness and offering soft skin.

CBD Vape Oil:

Feeling the need for immediate anxiety relief? Try vaping on some of our Full Spectrum vape juice that isn’t just CBD isolate but a wide variety of cannabinoids.

CBD isolate is isolated CBD, extracted from a hemp plant using a nice expensive C02 Extraction Machine to take out the component CBD. This is great for making CBD products, or if you rather a tasteless dab.

Our CBD isolate is one of the best quality being made on the market. We have a world class extractor that extracts Colorado grown hemp. It is what we use in our CBD Shatter.

CBD Shatter is CBD isolate that is infused with Hemp-Derived terpenes or plant-based terpenes to match the marijuana plant profiles. This product is ideal for dabbing, but it works amazingly on top of your bowl/bong, or inside your joints.

People seem to notice a different when they inhale it over ingesting it.

To learn about all the new CBD Shatter flavors, check out our CBD Shatter Shop.

‘Dabbing’ is a verb, so you are doing something with a ‘Dabber’ which is a tool (usually metal) that you can put your concentrates on. You heat up an element which can be called a ‘nail’. When your ‘Dabbing’ your ‘Dabber’ onto a ‘nail’; it is called ‘taking a dab’, or ‘dabbing’.

If you are looking for more information about dabbing check out this video from High Times! How to dab with step-by-step instructions. 

Our new Full Spectrum CBD Wax is full of other cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, and CBC. These cannabinoids work together to offer you a longer lasting relief.

It is harder and more time consuming to make and because of this it is more expensive.

We have an excellent CBD Wholesale program for businesses and for customers that want to buy in bulk at a more affordable price! We offer a huge range of CBD products that can be found on our CBD Wholesale page. Feel free to visit the page to unlock our CBD Wholesale sheet but we are available at [email protected] – 720-453-3443

We source our industrial hemp from locally operated hemp farms in Colorado. We work with farms, and extraction labs to create our CBD isolate and CBD Oil to craft our products.

No! You may have read about this happening on the web or even had the unpleasant experience of getting more than you bargained for with an un trusted CBD brand – This is simply NOT the case with our products! 

All of Steves Goods products are guaranteed to contain less than 0.03% THC  (the legal limit for hemp infused products) – Our regular testing of every single batch ensures this and can be verified by our lab reports. Don’t worry – Our CBD products won’t get you high! That doesn’t mean you won’t feel great taking them. 

As a company who sells various dietary and food supplements, we can’t suggest any of our products for the prevention, treatment or cure of any disease or ailment.

When considering our different CBD products, know that they all come in three strengths. Our Original CBD Hemp Oil blend is 500mg of CBD per fluid ounce, and our concentrated blends have 1,000+ to 2,000+ mg per fluid ounce, 2-3 times the potency of our traditional oils. We’ve found that sometimes less is more, but nevertheless, some people like to take very large serving sizes of our CBD hemp oil extracts.

You can save money and bundle your oil – CBD Oil Bundle!


As a dietary supplement we can only recommend our hemp oil blends for internal consumption.

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