Delta 8 Lollipops

Quit wasting your time selling plain old candy suckers, step it up and try a delta 8 lollipop. The best flavors are butter rum and cinnamon but if you’re feeling daring, go for the person who doesn’t hold back- lemon! These tasty treats have 15mg of delta 8 extract per lollipop. Your customers will love them!





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What are delta 8 lollipops?

What happens when you mix a lollipop and delta 8? You get the ultimate lazy stoner treat: Delta 8 Lollipops. These suckers are infused with 15mg of delta 8 extract oil from hemp, which is equivalent to about 1 joint. With only a few calories and raw sugar, this is one sweet alternative for those who want to stay high without any smell!

Do delta 8 lollipops get you high?

Yes. Delta 8 lollipops contain a psychoactive cannabinoid known as delta 8.

What flavors of delta 8 lollipops do you have?

Butter Rum, Cinnamon, Lemon.

How are these the best delta 8 lollipops?

We at Steve’s Goods are not your typical lollipop makers. We believe that the best ingredients make for the most delicious treats, and so we use only high quality materials in our candy-making process to ensure you get what you deserve: a tasty treat made with care!

Not all companies offer high quality products like us here at Steve’s Goods because they have been looking out for their own profits instead of customer satisfaction. But since we’re run by folks who genuinely love making amazing candies from scratch using raw Turbinado sugar (raw), there is no other flavor quite as irresistible or delightful than ours – guaranteed!

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