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Premium Grade THC-Free CBD Products

Wholesale program members have premium access to our world-class processes and top-notch expertise. They are also entitled to our ever-assisting customer service. We offer premium THC-free CBD tinctures, concentrates, lotions, and much more to the wholesale members.

Driven by Our Mission and Values

The driving force behind Steve’s Goods is to help provide CBD to all in need across the globe. We try to deliver our services to as many people as we can and help transform the lives of the masses as a whole. We thrive each day to ensure that everyone has access to the premium quality CBD and can use it to the full effect.

Ready to Buy Premium THC-Free CBD Oil?

Every individual has different needs. We meet the expectations of the largest pool of customers. And we successfully do this by offering the broadest range of products. Our products range from the likes of CBD oil tinctures, CBD Pet Products, CBD Concentrates, and much more. We do understand that quality is exactly what sets us apart from our competitors. Our best ingredients, coupled with the latest formulae, help prepare the best products.

Ready to Buy Premium THC-Free CBD Oil?

We are determined to produce quality products which results in tedious testing to ensure purity. We are also the first and only to come out with 99% pure CBG Slab. ​

CBD Oil Tinctures

A carefully made tincture with the finest ingredients helps in providing early results. Each tiny drop of the tincture contains broad-spectrum, phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil. You can consume CBD oil tincture at any given time.

CBD Topicals

CBD Salve would help improve skin health and is popular for the cause. We have made sure that we deliver the best eucalyptus and lavender-scented topicals. These Topicals are also blended with organic beeswax, CBD, and aromatic essential oil.

CBD Wowzer on a Stick

Provide inflammation and pain relief fast! This unscented and fuss-free CBD product is easy to use and even more comfortable to carry around. The size and design of the product help you carry it while on the go.

CBD Gummies

We do not have any doubt about the fact that we have the best blended-gummies when it comes to flavor and CBD. Each gummie contains 10mg of CBD each. Try them in Orange, Cherry, Lemon, and Grape flavors!

CBD Concentrates

Steve’s Goods Pure CBD Wax Concentrate was rated the #1 Concentrate in Colorado, in 2018 by Rooster Magazine. Our broad-spectrum wax is infused with plant derived terpenes that add an incredible, rich flavor.

CBD Bath Bombs

At Steve's Goods, we also focus on your relaxations and try to understand how exactly we can add to your enjoyment. To be a part of your lighter moods, we have this product that comes with a light lavender aroma. This product also contains 100mg of premium CBD oil.

CBD Cream

Softer skin is a real delight, and we get that. We would help you with Steve's Goods, which has the most nourishing constituents. The product helps provide you with smoother and gentle skin. The product is easy to carry and handle.

CBD Pet Products

Steve's Goods dog treats consist of all natural hemp oil. Hemp Oil products increase the bioavailability of the product. The unflavoured pet tincture from Steve's Goods is available in four size to concentration ratios.

Steve's Goods Commitment to Customer Service

When we enter into a partnership, we understand that we can only grow mutually. Our customers are the most valuable assets of the company. We love to stay connected with the customers, long after a wholesale purchase. 

A wholesale customer can connect with us anytime on any grounds. Not only do we help you understand the end customer base but also give you tips on selling off your products. To add on, we also make sure that you are aware of the latest innovations in the modern-day CBD industry.are 

Why You Should Choose Steve's Goods

Reliability is something that is of utmost importance to us. We understand the same, and as a result, we make sure that safety is our topmost priority.


Most CBD extracts sold online have missleading THC data. Almost all of our products are THC free. We only have trace amounts of THC (0.3% or less) with full spectrum products to produce the entourage effect.

Every Batch Is Tested

We test every batch with third-party, state-of-the-art labs. We make sure that each batch exceeds the set standards of the customers. Utilizing third-party labs help us get genuine updates on the product.


Using state-of-the-art technologies and CBD extraction processes, we make sure that each product coming out of Steve's is as good or better than the last one. We maintain the products at its best form always.

Broad Spectrum

When we talk about the quality of the CBD, it's more than only purity and labeling. It's also about the proportion of all the cannabinoids and terpenes the product is made with. The extracts are collected from the hemp plant.

High Absorption

To make sure that the products are highly absorbable by the body. Our products are more bioavailable to the body as compared to our competitors. This is because we provide the highest quality, pure ingredients.

Customer Support

We have a range of customers and a wide variety of products. Still, there is one thing that we always make sure is under our close observation, customer services! At Steve's Goods, we have world-class customer service.

Premium Grade

Our products are manufactured using the best raw materials using the best technology. Our CBD products are of the best quality and are free from dyes, fillers, billers, and other unknown substances.

Small Business Values

The quality and trust that is prevalent in the company are a reflection of our desire to help people. The entire community of Steve's joins hands in the dealing. We are much more than just a business.

USA-Grown Hemp

We don't have the easiest methods of farming, and we are almost certain that this is also not the cheapest. But one thing that we are definitely sure about is the fact that this is the best method to grow the best hemp.